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Closeup of a Black Dog


The idea for this event was borne when Savannah On Wheels learned of the amazing work that Georgia Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Relocation (GRRR) is undertaking in the Savannah area. Specifically, their efforts related to Last Stop Loved, which finds loving homes and provides medical care for medically challenged senior dogs, is commendable. Observing the number of animal lives that are positively impacted through GRRR's involvement, we knew we had to do whatever we could to help out. Anyone who drops by Savannah On Wheels for any length of time will likely see our neighborhood "shop dogs" who come to visit (most of them daily) for a treat and some pets. The partnership seemed natural to marry this love of fur babies and bicycles.
Our goal is to raise money and awareness for GRRR so they can continue to do their honorable work. 

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